Here at Llys Nini most of the animals have been rescued by RSPCA Inspectors for reasons such as neglect & poor treatment by their previous owner, owners who can no longer look after them or as strays. 

When they come in to us they are often nervous of strangers & it can take weeks, sometimes months, of looking after them to prepare them for a new life & a second chance.

Please take this into consideration when looking for a new pet as we never know what life has been like for them before coming in to Llys Nini. 


Jude came in as a stray. He is a lovely and  sociable kitten that would suit most homes. He can live with dogs, cats and children.

Mostyn & Daisy

Mostyn and Daisy came into the centre via a fosterer who found them to be lovely, friendly cats. They would suit older children only. They are good with cats but have never lived with dogs.


Beauty came into our care as a stray she is a lovely sociable cat that would suit most homes and could go with other cats dogs and children


Rupert came into us as a stray so unfortunately we do not have any background details on him. Rupert is looking for an owner who has plenty of time and patience to continue socialising him as he is quite a nervous cat. However, he  has made wonderful progress since he came in and is building his confidence.


Kevin has been with a fosterer before coming to us at the centre. He is a super friendly and affectionate cat! He does like to go out in the days but comes back in the evenings and loves to cuddle up on your lap!
He can sometimes be a little wary of both cats and dogs. 
He has not yet lived with children.


Mickey has been in a foster home before coming to the centre. He can be a little shy at times but once he knows you he is super friendly and affectionate! Loves to sleep on the bed!
Sometimes hes not too keen on other cats so might be better as the only cat in the household. 
Can possibly live with children and can be little wary of dogs.


Thorin came into the centre as a stray! Since being with us we have found him to be quite a quiet and laid back cat who enjoys his own company!
Can go with other cats and dogs possibly.
Older Children


Joseph came into our care via our vets he is a lovely friendly cat could live with other cats dogs and children . 


Tallulah came into our care as a stray with kittens. When she came in to us she was aggressive but she is slowly coming round with socialising & this will need to continue. We are sure she will come round and make a lovely addition to a family - could go with cats dogs older children.


Nancy came back into our care as the previous owner couldn't afford the costs. 
She needs to be re-homed in a quiet area as she is not used to going out.  Possibly the only animal in the household so she finds it less stressful.


Mitzi came into the Centre as her owner was ill.
She does not like mixing with other cats so needs to
be the only cat in the household. 


Leo is a lovely cat who likes a fuss and a cuddle but 
on his own terms. 
He would suit homes with older children and possibly other cats and dogs.


Minstrel came in to us via an Inspector. 
He is a lovely quiet boy with a very sweet nature. 
He would make a great addition to a new home. 

Cats, Dogs and Children - Possibly


Jewell came into our care as a stray; she is a lovely friendly cat but as she was a stray we have no backgrounds details on her.
She can possibly be rehomed with cats, dogs and children.


Betty came into us as she was abandoned. 
She is a lovely cat who can be a little temperamental at times. 
She would suit homes with older children and cats and dogs, possibly as we have no background details on her.

Mouse & Misty

Misty and Mouse are two friendly, playful kittens who are to be re-homed together. 
They previously had a virus which means that they cannot be re-homed with other cats. 
However, they are lovely, excitable kittens who will be bundles of fun. 
They can go to a home with dogs and children but when they are in stressful situations this virus may flare up.


Sydney & Lucky

Mother and son, Lucky and Sidney came into the Centre as they were abandoned. 
They are both quiet cats with Lucky being the more outgoing of the two and enjoys a fuss and plenty of head rubs! Sidney is a little more uncertain at present, however, he does enjoy his chin being rubbed once he has settled. 
Sidney and Lucky are looking for a peaceful home together where they can continue to build their confidence. We are sure that, with patience, they will become fantastic pets.


Lucy came into our care from a multi cat household she is sociable cat that would suit most homes
and can go with other cats dogs or children

Mr Bojangles

Mr Bojangles came in to the Centre a stray.
He is a lovely, quiet cat who would suit most homes. 
He could possible live with Cats, Dogs & Children

Jazzy Jorja Jessa Jilly -RESERVED



Meet our J litter!
They four beauties came in to the centre with mum as strays. They are now 10 weeks old and available for adoption.
Suitable for most homes.


Jeanie came into our care as a stray she is a lovely sociable cat that would suit most homes cats dogs and children


Pwdin came into our care via our vets he is a lovely friendly cat that would suit most homes could go with dogs cats and children

Fergus & Fernando -RESERVED

Fergus and Felix are two young cats who came into us as they were unwanted. They are lovely, friendly cats who are full of fun. They lived with another cat previously so could possibly be re-homed with other cats, possibly dogs and children.


Harper came into the Centre as a stray with her kittens.
She is a lovely and friendly cat that would suit most homes. 


Felix is a lovely 10 month old cat who is looking for a fun new home where he can play and enjoy himself. He has lived with other cats previously. He would suit most homes and could possibly live with other cats, dogs and children.


Opal came in to us from an Inspector. 
He is a lovely boy with a super character. 
He would make a fab addition to a new home and could possibly live with other cats, dogs and children.

Snowball & Hopalong -RESERVED

Hopalong and Snowball came in to us via an Inspector.
They are both lovely friendly cats with Snowball being the quieter of the two. 
They would make fantastic additions to their new home.

Cats, Dogs & Children - Possibly


This lovely pair have been in the Centre since August 2016

Feral Cats

Occasionally Llys Nini needs to find adoptive homes for feral cats that have come into its care.
Unlike their domestic relatives, ferals are natural hunters with only two major needs: reliable shelter (e.g. barns or outhouses) and food.

Farms and small-holdings provide the ideal surroundings and hopefully ferals would assist with rodent control!

If you are interested and would be agreeable to being contacted when the need arises, please get in touch via 

Seeing Double.................

You will regularly see on our site pairs of cats who need to be re-homed together. You may also have noticed that, sometimes, they take longer to re-home and perhaps you have wondered why we just don't split them up. It is usually because the cats are very close to one another and due to this we feel that it would not be fair to separate them.


What are the benefits of having two cats together?

Basically they are company for one another and, if you are out at work, it is far easier to leave them together without having to worry about them so much as they amuse one another and play together, especially with kittens.

We realise that the cost of keeping two cats is higher and you are the only ones who can know whether you can meet that cost, so you would need to balance that against the joy of having two amazing cats.

At this time, we have a few cat pairs available for re-homing.

Some have been here for a while, and we believe they are very special and deserve a great home.

So if you think you are right for one of our pairs then please pay us a visit.

Adopting a Cat!

 Please remember that pet ownership takes time, money, commitment and patience.
 If you find an animal to which you want to offer a home, we will need to ensure the animal is suitable for your circumstances. This process will include a home visit. We will provide advice on how to care for your new kitten or cat. All our animals are given flea & worm treatment, neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped before adoption.
If your cat is too young to be neutered you will be given a voucher to get him/her done when they are old enough.

If you do live in rented accommodation, please try and get the written permission before coming to the Centre. This will make the process a lot quicker.  
All this for £40!
This hardly ever covers the cost of all treatments
so please consider a rescue cat!
Clare, Judith & Carole (Team Leader)
Swansea Bay Volunteer Awards
Adult Volunteer of the Year Award
Judith Griffiths
Judith is a dedicated volunteer at Llys Nini.
She has been volunteering since 2003, giving up 4 hours every single day and never asks for any expenses.
She is a great member of the team and at the Cattery we appreciate all her hard work and dedication!
This is our

There are always cats looking for new homes at
Llys Nini's Cattery.

This is Carole, the Cattery/Small Animal Team Leader,
feeding the Cats in our care ready for a busy day!

If you have any questions about any of our cats or the small animals at Llys Nini, then please come and see these ladies!

The girls on Christmas Day 2013

Valentine's Day 2015
St. David's Day

Cat & Small Animal Open Day

The Cat Photo Competition was a great success!